Ceramapure™ PL90 Ceramic Epoxy is THE next generation, dual-purpose lining formulated for the protection of ductile iron or steel pipes and fittings for WATER OR WASTEWATER service.

Ceramapure™ PL90 meets or exceeds the compliance standards for AWWA C-210.

A two-component, high solids, chemically cured ceramic modified NOVALAC epoxy coating, Ceramapure PL90™ is certified for potable water immersion service for pipe diameters of four inches or larger. Ceramapure has been successfully used internationally in thousands of feet of pipelines for waste water treatment plant protection, sewer force mains, gravity sewer, raw water, feed water, RO plants, and desalinization.

Ceramapure™ may be used “AS EQUAL” to any Induron branded ductile iron pipe linings.

For information for use as a potable water lining for STEEL pipe, please contact info@induron.com